Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome (Me) Back!

Finaly, a new blog! Nyehehe.. Maybe some of your are wondering why I made this blog.. Simply just because I feel my life is change somehow.. The old one doesn't suit me anymore, since now I have a cute lil son and a business to run.. I kinda feel more mature *ehhmm.. ditoyor..* And also I found that I'm getting wiser and wiser each day.. *kembali ditoyor* Haha.. Just kidding.. You can judge it by yourself anyway.. :)

So, what's new? Nothing, actually.. I'm still a mom with a 9,5 months old kiddo. I'm still running my online shop (yang omsetnya semakin meningkat.. haha.. Darn, I can't lie. Im proud of this!) and I'm still a wife also. My life is still upside down. Especially for the financial things. My dream is still there, waiting for me to reach it. Sometimes I cry because I feel that my dream is so so far away, but sometimes I feel so thankful because I have a full team family member who will (and did) support me to reach my dream. Speaking of family, I, my husband and my son still living at my parents house. My grandma also lives here. And my little brother still going to a college at this town too, so more or less our house is full. Sometimes it's so annoying to live in this house but it's kinda nice too since everybody can take care of my baby. Haha..

And.. I forgot one thing. The new thing from me is now I tweet and I use Blackberry! Haha.. It's like licking my own spit (menjilat ludah sendiri maksudnya..haha..) Why? Because I keep saying to everybody who asked that I don't like twitter, I like plurk better (pdhl mah ga ngerti gimana makenya. haha..) and I proudly said that I'm not using Blackberry (ceritanya bangga krn ga ngkutin tren pdhl ga ada duit aja buat beli :p). But, destiny is destiny.. One day, my husband installed some application for twitting at Mozilla called Yoono. I try it, looking at few tweet from others and suddenly I understand how to use it. I begin to find it useful so now Im officialy a twitter! Haha.. At few first tweet, I feel so weird and stiff. It's like waking up from a very long pause of write. Suddenly I have to write again IN ONLY 140 characters. I have no idea what to write since I don't wanna look stupid and shallow infront of my (only a few) followers. Haha.. So I think hard and I put words carefuly. And now, my tweet flow like a river. Feel free lho to follow me! *elah ni anak malah promosi*. Haha.. And since now I have a Blackberry that actually intended for supporting my business, I tweet more. Hidup twitter!!

Well, I'm sorry for my gado-gado post. I can't write without laughing myself of so I can't stand to not writing without slipping some comment about myself. And it really kick me when I write it in Bahasa. I also don't know why I write this on English. I think it's the mood. You know, I'm all a moody person. Sometimes I go with English, sometimes Bahasa, sometimes a lil bit poetic, sometimes a lil bit 'elo-gw'. It's all in the mood, peeps!

And last but not least, please do enjoy some pics here... Adios ppl! Glad to see you again! :D

my grown up lil man..


  1. cieee..yang rumahnya baru... suit...suit.. :). btw..kalo more mature jadi emang pengen bikin rumah baru ya.. :)

  2. @winda: ahaha.. abis mo update yg lama asa gimanaa gtu mbak.. dah jenuh aja kali ya? antiklimaks gtu.. haha.. pdhl kadang kangen pengen nulis. akhirnya, bikin yg baru deh.. hihih..

  3. wohoooo.. aku masukan blogrollku ya tie.. yang lama gimana tie? :) kalo mau more mature, bisa cari tampilan baru juga kok, haha

  4. @mbak dan: hahaha.. kesepet! klo soal tampilan udah dari sononya seneng yg kaya begini mbak.. sama sekali ga mature ya? hahaha... Oke! Aku jg masukin yg mbak danti yaa.. :D

  5. Waaaa, blog baruu...lebih nginggriss :((

  6. uhuuuuuuuuuuy...mantabs dah!!!! awas kalo ga ada apdet lagi abis ini *ngancem* gyahahhaha

  7. hihi...berkunjung ke rumah barunya Ratie ;) ditunggu ceritacerita barunya yaa... :D

  8. @payjo : jo, udah saatnya lo belajar bahasa inggrisss.. haha..

    @erlia: heh, nyampah aja lo disini.. haha..

    @bu widy: hihih.. baiklah buuu! *hormat grak* :D

  9. Ratiiiiiieeee!!!!

    lagi buka2 blog dan nyasar ke sini.. senangnyaaa :)

    ketemu lagi di dunia maya, di twitter dan di blog.. kalo diinget2 perasaan baru kemaren yah kita kenalan di siaware, skrg udah byk yg berubah.. (tapi perasaan gw mah gini2 aja, ga ada kemajuan, huhuhu... kemanakahh ilmu siaware yg gw dapet itu yaaaah?!)

    salam buat dede arkiiiin :)

  10. aiiih..
    rumah baruuu..tumpengan dong!
    terus update tiii..i'm following :)