Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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This is gonna be so awkward. Writing again after not doing it for almost 1,5 years.. Oh well, just wanna try here. Out from my comfort zone. Again. Yeah, in this past 3 years I made and build my own comfort zone, without me realizing it. Staying at the house, taking care of my son and husband while still try to build up my business and making money out of it.. It keep going like that every single day and now I feel that I'm trapped on my daily basis. Surprise, huh? You think you can't find any comfort zone if doing something that you love? At your house? Oh yes you can.

So, here I am trying to find again my hobby. One of them is telling my story to the world and share my thoughts here in my blog. I use twitter too much and some thought can't be delivered through it. Do you feel the same? Wait for my next posting will ya? :)


  1. IH ojaaaatt... masih jadi penunggu setia blog gw yaa?? hwuaaaa... *terharu*

  2. salam...
    saya juga baru balik dari hiatus yang lama...
    semangat nulis yah :)